Academic Research

I work on the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, including Greece and Rome. Below are some articles, both single-authored and collaboratively written, that give a flavour of what I do; for the full up to date list, an academic CV, and more downloads, see my Academia page.


Augustine’s Canaanites, Papers of the British School at Rome 82 (2014), 175-197 (written with Neil McLynn, Robert Kerr and Daniel Hadas): download here.

A Carthaginian Perspective on the Altars of the Philaeni, in J. C. Quinn and N. C. Vella (eds), The Punic Mediterranean: identities and identification from Phoenician settlement to Roman rule (2014), 169-179: download here.

Tophets in the ‘Punic World’ (in Xella ed., The Tophet in the Phoenician Mediterranean, Verona 2013 [2014], 23-48): download here.

Phoenician Bones of Contention, Antiquity 2013, 1199-1207 (written with Paolo Xella, Valentina Melchiorri and Peter van Dommelen): download here. This research drew the attention of the Guardian and the Daily Mail.

Monumental Power: ‘Numidian Royal Architecture’ in Context (in Prag and Quinn, The Hellenistic West, 2013, 179-215): download here.

Capitolia, Journal of Roman Studies 2013, 117-173 (written with Andrew Wilson): download here.

Imagining the Imperial Mediterranean (in Gibson and Harrison, Polybius and his World, 2013, 337-352): download here.

The Cultures of the Tophet: Identification and Identity in the Phoenician Diaspora (in Gruen, Cultural Identity and the Peoples of the Ancient Mediterranean, 2011, 388-413): download here.

Herms, Kouroi and the Political Anatomy of Athens, Greece and Rome 2007, 82-105: download here.

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