Journalism and Reviews


*Mothers and Emperors (New York Review of Books, 6 January 2020: review of Guy de la Béyodère, Domina)

*Enemies on All Sides (London Review of Books, 12 September 2019: review of Jodi Magness, Masada: From Jewish Revolt to Modern Myth)

Time to Move On (Times Literary Supplement, 18 September 2018: review of several recent books on global antiquity)

Caesar Bloody Caesar (New York Review of Books, 22 March 2018: review of Kurt Raaflaub, ed., The Landmark Julius Caesar)

*Nothing Beside Remains (London Review of Books, 25 January 2018: review of Paul Veyne, Palmyra: An Irreplaceable Treasure)

Against Classics (Women’s Classical Committee Blog, 27 October 2017)

The Phoenician Alphabet in Archaeology (Bible History Daily, 12 September 2017)

*Goose Girl (London Review of Books, 4 May 2017: review of David Potter, Theodora: Actress, Empress, Saint)

*A World Elsewhere (Times Literary Supplement, 4 January 2017: review of Michael Scott, Ancient Worlds)

*Your Own Ships Did This! (London Review of Books, 18 February 2016: review of Eric Cline, 1177 BC)

The Tragedy of Classical Languages being for the privileged few (The Guardian, 16 March 2015)

Oscar Wilde, Edward Carpenter, and the Socialist Eros (New Left Project 2014; written with Christopher Brooke)

In Carthage (LRB Blog, 11 August 2014)

*Late Deliveries (Times Literary Supplement, 28 May 2014: review of Paola Ceccarelli, Ancient Greek Letter Writing)

Libya’s Ancient Borders (LRB Blog, 17 March 2014)

The Parthenon Marbles should be returned – but George Clooney is wrong (The Guardian, 14 February 2014)







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