My latest book is In Search of the Phoenicians (Princeton University Press 2018):

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From the blurb: “The Phoenicians traveled the Mediterranean long before the Greeks and Romans, trading, establishing settlements, and refining the art of navigation. But who these legendary sailors really were has long remained a mystery. In Search of the Phoenicians makes the startling claim that the “Phoenicians” never actually existed. Taking readers from the ancient world to today, this monumental book argues that the notion of these sailors as a coherent people with a shared identity, history, and culture is a product of modern nationalist ideologies—and a notion very much at odds with the ancient sources.”

Lots more info on the PUP page, but here’s a Q&A about it, an essay I wrote for Aeon based on parts of it; an interview with the Times Higher about it; a blogpost that the excellent people at Page 99 were kind enough to invite me to write; and another blogpost I wrote for The Ancient Near East Today. If you like audio here I am talking about it on Radio 3’s Free Thinking, and if you like video here are other people talking about it at an Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities ‘Book at Lunchtime’ discussion. And it made Mary Beard’s summer reading recommendations in the Guardian!

Reviews: Foreword Reviews, Asian Review of Books, History Today, Executive Magazine, Arab News, The American Conservative, The Spectator, The New Criterion, the London Review of Books, the Times Literary Supplement, and the New York Review of Books.

Academic Reviews: The Classical Review, Sehepunkte, Reading Religion, Histos, Bibliotheca Orientalis, the American Journal of Archaeology, the Journal of Roman Archaeology, the Journal of Hellenic Studies, and the American Historical Review.

Update! The French edition, beautifully translated by Philippe Pignarre and beautifully prefaced by Corinne Bonnet, was published by La Découverte in summer 2019. Reviews in Le Monde and Libération. It was Book of the Month in Sciences Humaines.

Another Update! The English edition was published in paperback in late 2019.


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